Import & Export

It has been generally observed that in food stuff business various ethnic background immigrants are working like Afghani, Iraqi, Persian. It is also observed that their supply side is not much resourceful. Here we see an opportunity of our having very strong experience and connection I various countries i.e. we can supply any goods from India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman etc .

The Managing Director and his family is in the business of import and export since generations and this business is his only passion.

Herbs and Herbals:

Latest Trends in Europe reveals that population is becoming more and more health conscious and people are focusing more on herbal treatments and herbs °∆the natural way°« of treatments. Their is demand for herbal homemade medicine especially from india and Iran Further, the health trend is strong in the tea sector as demand for green tea and herbal infusion is growing.Marketing of herbal tea is becoming sophisticated for stories ae built as handpicked leaves etc and we shall adopt similar strategy.

The interesting fact is there are shortages of raw plant materials in Europe for these things hence this provides us strong edge.

Tree Nuts:

We see a great opportunity for pistachios, hazelnut and almonds as these are not sufficiently produced in Germany. On the other hand we access to market where these are produced and we can import and sell these items in Bremen easily.